November 29, 2022

My Career Path and People who Inspired & Supported me

My career path and people who inspired & supported me When it comes to my career, I have been very lucky on the family front. My father is an accountant by profession and he took substantial loans to help me complete my medical education. In fact, I continued my studies for my masters after marriage and my in-laws and husband were also extremely supporting of my desire to excel in my chosen profession. In fact, being a part of a business family inculcated a desire in me to start my own practice during my early days of my career itself. […]
October 27, 2022

Skincare in 30s

Skincare in 30s Your 30s are probably the most interesting years in your life, for your skin and in general too. For most of you with acne, the breakouts have stopped (your hormones are much more in a state of balance) and you may start seeing some early signs of ageing, a fine line here and a wrinkle there. Don’t worry though, modern medicine and basic common sense have a lot to offer and can help you pull through your thirties with healthy beautiful skin.   I always like to start with the basics, so here is the regular spiel: […]
July 14, 2022
Top 10 Tips to keep your Hair Healthy

Top 10 Tips to keep your Hair Healthy

Top 10 Tips to keep your Hair Healthy Dr. Sejal explains what are truly simple scientific things to know about your precious mane. As a young girl with flowing hair, I was always asked how I did it? I would typically give answers ranging from how hair oil helped to how I kept washing my hair to a minimum etc. However as I matured and as I qualified as a dermatologist I realized how much of this is purely incidental and there did not exist a true causal relationship between my actions and the health of my hair. Now when […]
June 28, 2022

A Technology Filled Day in the Life of a Dermatologist

A technology filled day in the life of a dermatologist The first medical devices and tools can be traced back to the Neolithic period around 700 BC. Since then, the need of human beings to improve the quality and span of our lives has ensured the early adoption of technology to this field. It is now in such a state that every facet of a visit to a doctor’s clinic is flush with technology. I have been a practicing dermatologist for more than a decade and find that I need to keep up with the changes in medical technology on […]