December 1, 2021

Caring for a New-born’s Skin

Happy Skin = Happy Baby How to care for a new-born’s skin. The thought of a new born brings to the front some of the most profound memories in my life and is always accompanied by an unwitting smile. I think these emotions are best captured by the below quote: “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone With such strong emotions in play, it becomes very difficult for a parent to deal with skin-related problems if and when they occur […]
November 13, 2021

Stress and Skin

Stress and Skin Chill! The easiest way to healthy skin and hair. Effects of stress on skin and hair explained. Stress is the new normal. Unfortunately, modern life and the pandemic have made sure that this statement is now truer than ever. That stress is linked to heart and brain-related conditions is now a well-established fact and also now popularly acknowledged. But unfortunately, I find that patients coming to me are sometimes unwilling to believe me when I state that a sudden outbreak of eczema or psoriatic patches on one’s skin is the effect of the stress they are undergoing. […]
October 11, 2021

How to look your best even through PCOS

How to look your best even through PCOS Skin & Hair Care Tips, Tricks, and Procedures for PCOS patients.   I understand that PCOS plays havoc with one’s life, affecting one’s looks and reproductive health. I often find that both these issues weigh heavily on a patient’s mind and can lead to secondary issues like lack of confidence, social anxiety, etc. That is why we dermatologists work in close association with gynecologists to ensure that while gynecologists take care of the reproductive health of the patient we play a role to help PCOS patients look their best. In this article, […]
September 28, 2021

Covid-19 and Hair Loss

Covid-19 and Hair Loss Some Facts and Tips on how to manage Hair Loss post Covid-19 Covid-19 has become an unfortunate reality of our existence and one that we all may have to face at some time or the other. While ‘living with the virus may have become a necessity it is absolutely not necessary for it to let it have its toll on our bodies. SARS-CoV-2 during its active phase in our body creates havoc in our body affecting nearly all major functions of our body but even after it has left the body we have seen long-lasting effects […]