June 1, 2022

Case Study #15

Age: 45 Sex: M Condition: Under eyes hollowness Tired look Patient’s Expectations: Fresher, youthful look Correction of hollowness Advised Treatment  Injectable fillers Status at time of after Photograph:  Immediately after procedure hollowness is better. Under-eye area looks more rejuvenated and not tired Further course of treatment: Repeat the procedure after 1 year
February 19, 2022

Case Study #14

Age: 26 Sex: F Condition: Hirsuitism Status Before Treatment: Thick hair growth on the chin, neck and side locks in a male pattern distribution Advised Treatment : 6 to 8 sessions of  Laser hair reduction Status at time of after Photograph: 3 sessions of laser are completed Further course of treatment: Few more sessions of laser are recommended till near complete reduction is achieved    
January 6, 2022

Case study #13

Age: 24 Sex: F Condition : Pigmentation  Status Before Treatment : Uneven skin tone, patchy skin, deep pigmentation around chin and lips Advised Treatment : Topical Medications for 2  months. A customized skin rejuvenation package by Dr. Sejal which uses a variety of advanced techniques. Procedures Completed: 3 sessions of Laser Skin Depigmentation and 2 sessions of  Medical Peels have been done for reduction of patchy skin and pigmentation. 1 session each of Skin polishing, Iontophoresis, and microneedling with PRP has been done to improve the skin texture Current Status: The deep pigmentation around the chin and lips is now […]
December 13, 2021

Case study #12

Age: 25 Sex: M Condition:  Deep scars, pigmentation, mild acne Status Before Treatment :  Deep scars due to chicken pox, marks and pigmentation, and mild acne Advised Treatment : Oral and Topical Medications  Combination of multiple procedures as follows: Microneedling With PRP 3 sessions Ndyag laser 3 sessions Peels 2 sessions  Microdermabrasion and ionization Status at time of after Photograph: Pigmented Deep scars have significantly improved. Acne has subsided Uneven skin tone has improved. Further course of treatment: Few More sessions of microneedling with PRP and laser for further enhancement of the skin tone