Trained and Qualified Doctors
March 18, 2021
Meet Smita
March 18, 2021

At InUrSkn, our aestheticians are a lot more than trained, efficient technicians doing a job well. They are people first – warm, caring people who care as much for the human beings they interact with every day, as they do about doing the job they are trained to do. And trained very well, too – with two CIDESCO certifications and several decades experience among them, and Dr Sejal’s close guidance through every procedure, every interaction. This is knowledge and experience that is shared every day as they work side by side, bound by a shared commitment to make every patient truly as comfortable and relaxed as they can be, no matter what they have come to the clinic for.

To us, International Women’s Day is just the one day when we can tell them publicly how proud we are of them, and of what they do, every day of the year.
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