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With an MD as well as a DNB in Dermatology and Venereology, and over a decade’s experience across several leading hospitals, Dr. Sejal Saheta has built a stellar reputation for her very personal approach to dermatology and cosmetology, treating each patient with honesty, respect and, of course, her considerable and up-to-date skills.

In the light of the current concerns on safety, Dr. Sejal now brings the same personal approach to treating any skin or hair problem either through a video chat or over a detailed call, supported by photographs of the problem area.
Practo : 5 Stars
Google : 5 Stars
Lybrate : 4.4 Stars
Just Dial : 4.9 Stars
Our glowing patient
reviews say it all
One of the most hygienic clinic I have ever been to with state of the art equipments and extremely helpful staff. With regards to Dr. Sejal, her understanding of issue that I had and the way she explained it as to why it had happened, made me relaxed and within a week I got brilliant results. The follow up from the clinic was up to the mark. I had recommended few friends and family members of mine as well and they share the same experience as I did. Keep up the great job Dr. Sejal and wish you ‘All The Best‘.
Thank you
Mr. Ankur Trivedi (On Practo)
Doctor Sejal is experienced and professional. Visited her for my son for some skin rashes. As she diagnosed she explained that they r not rashes n it's skin infection.. Explained me the reason n suggested cream for the same. His infection which were prolonged for almost 3 months, got okay almost immediately. Surely Recommended ..
Ms. PURVI CHHEDA (On Practo)
My leg had developed something like scaly skin, which had not happened before. Dr. Sejal was recommended by a friend and getting an appointment was very convenient. The doctor is a specialist and seemed to have seen the condition before and advised ointment. Recovery was fairly quick and fears allayed. Since then have recommended the doctor to 2 others in extended family.
Mr. Shishir (On Practo)
I highly recommend her!! Please visit her. Two months back I had lots of pimples on my face and her suggested medications just do magic on my face. Previously, I have visited so many dermatologists but I found her so polite and kind and really affordable.
Now I am curious about the laser treatment with her. I just blindly believe her because she really do magic on your face. Looking forward for the amazing results.
Thank you Dr Sejal!
Ms. Manjari Mishra (On Google)
Best experience in terms of the patience with which the doctor listen to you. In a time of few months I got my problem solved. Helping and qualified staff. Definite recommendation.
Ms. Ragini Gupta (On Google)
It's an amazing clinic. I had a wonderful experience. Great staff and excellent service. My skin shows a vast improvement.
Jaanavi Aroraa (On Google)
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Touch Online Doctor Care
So what can we help you with?
While we do love actually meeting our patients when they come by for one of our many advanced procedures, there are a lot of conditions that can be diagnosed and treated over a call or a video chat.

Here are the broad areas that we can address online, with Dr. Sejal’s unique blend of expertise and her very personal approach.

  1. Skin Issues
  2. Hair Issues
  3. Nail Issues
  4. Scalp Issues
  5. Acne Related Issues
  6. Age Related Issues
  7. Pigmentation Issues
  8. Pregnancy & Children Skin & Hair Issues

If you would like to know what all conditions we can help you with, do Click Here.
So what can we help you with?
While we do love actually meeting our patients when they come by for one of our many advanced procedures, there are a lot of conditions that can be diagnosed and treated over a call or a video chat.

Here are the broad areas that we can address online, with Dr. Sejal’s unique blend of expertise and her very personal approach.

  1. Skin Issues
  2. Acne Related Issues
  3. Scalp Issues
  4. Hair Issues
  5. Age Related Issues
  6. Pregnancy & Children
  7. Nail Issues
  8. Pigmentation Issues
  9. Skin & Hair Issues

If you would like to know what all conditions we can help you with, do Click Here.
Touch Online Doctor Care
Quality Time for a
Quality Consultation
  1. Each patient gets uninterrupted, personal attention from Dr. Sejal. There are no limits on the number of concerns that can be discussed.
  2. Have doubts that occur to you later? Perfectly understandable. That’s why you are welcome to any follow up conversations you need for 7 days after the consultation.
  3. Each patient gets a clear, detailed explanation of the exact problem being experienced.
  4. Each patient gets an official, legal prescription over either Whatsapp or email.

You will be really surprised at how easy the entire process is, how perfectly safe, and how effective you find it after your first experience.
Touch Online Doctor Care
The Best possible treatment. With complete peace of mind
  1. Need to cancel? Just call us at least 30 min before to reschedule or request a refund.
  2. We need to cancel? Works the same way - we call you at least 3o min before, and you can reschedule, or request a refund.
  3. In case Dr. Sejal determines that a personal examination is needed after your initial conversation, you can either cancel the appointment for a full refund, or convert it to a physical consultation at no extra cost.
Touch Online Doctor Care
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Email us at : [email protected] (with your mobile number and full name)

Call us at 9819286930 / 9326028277
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Get In touch with us to schedule an appointment.

The Personal Touch begins right from here. Instead of filling lengthy forms, just call us and speak directly to Ms. Smita Sawant or Ms. Filcy Savio , both of who are trusted associates of Dr Saheta, and work closely with her on every case.

Being CIDESCO certified aestheticians with considerable experience in dermatology and cosmetology, they will be able to answer all queries you may have about both the online consultation and any clinic based procedures you may be looking at.

They will then setup an appointment for you with Dr. Sejal Saheta at your desired time.

Call us for this on

Consultations on phone or video chat

Choose how you would like to consult Dr Sejal

- Simple phone call, along with images of the affected area that you send to a dedicated, securely encrypted Whatsapp number that only Dr. Sejal has access to


- Video Chat with Dr. Sejal

Get Instant Appointment Confirmation

For Telephone consultation:

You will receive a Whatsapp as well as text message confirming the exact date and time of the appointment.

For Video Consultation:

You will receive a Whatsapp message with the Video Appointment Link you will use to connect with Dr Sejal.

Simple ways to pay

With the confirmation of your appointment, we will also send you a payment link, by both text message and Whatsapp. You can directly click on the link and make the payment towards the consultation by any of the secure modes available:

Paytm, Google Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI Transfer, Bank Transfers

Your session with Dr Sejal

Phone: The Doctor will call you at the appointed time, and you can begin

Video Consultation: You will need to use Google Hangouts, downloadable free, to connect for the consultation at the appointed time.

Get Prescription Instantly

Depending on the diagnosis, Dr Sejal may prescribe certain medication. The prescription will be emailed or Whatsapped to you immediately

Free follow ups for 7 days
You may call the clinic numbers at any time for a follow-up during the next 7 days from consultation, free of cost, with any queries you may have.
Touch Online Doctor Care
Get the most out of your consultation
Choose the Time
Try choosing a time for your consultation which is convenient to you and allows you to remain undisturbed through the length of your appointment.

The place where you sit:

- Should have a table or a surface to keep your phone / computer as you may need to lean in to the camera to show the affected area.

- Should give you privacy to discuss your concerns with the doctor.

- Should not have too much noise in the background.

- Should have adequate light for the doctor to see you properly.

- Should have good reception of Wi-Fi or network to make sure you have good internet speed.

You can use either a computer or a phone to connect to Google Meet for your online appointment. In case you need some privacy, you may choose to use headphones.

Try connecting to the meeting link before the actual appointment, it will ensure that your Google Meet is properly installed, and you do not have any difficulty during the appointment.

You may want to keep a pen and paper handy, in case you want to note down some of the advice that the doctor is giving you. (Of course, the Dr Sejal will send a detailed prescription after the consultation)
Touch Online Doctor Care
Details of the conditions treated
Skin Issues

• All Types of Skin Allergies, Itching & Rashes
• Common Skin Conditions like: Heat Boils, Dry Cracked Skin, Under Eye Dark Circles, White Patches
• Chronic Skin Conditions like eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo etc.
• Common Infections like Herpes, Chicken Pox, Ring Worm etc.
• Bacterial, Fungal & Viral Infections of Skin.

Hair Issues

• Bald Patches
• Patterned Balding - Male & Female
• Hair Loss & Hair Thinning
• Rough & Damaged Hair

Scalp Issues

• Dandruff & Flakes
• Scalp Boils & Bumps

Nail Issues

• Infectious Nail Conditions
• Non Infectious Nail Conditions

Acne Related Issues

• Zits, Pimples, White Heads, Black Heads
• Acne Marks

Age Related Issues

• Fine Lines & Wrinkles
• Dry Lifeless Skin
• Droopy or Loose Skin

Pigmentation Issues

• Uneven / Patch Skin Tone
• Melasma & Freckles
• Age / Sun Spots
• Darkened / Tanned Skin
• Other Marks & Blemishes

Pregnancy & Children - Skin & Hair Issues

• Skin & Hair Problems relating to Pregnancy
• Neo - Natal Skin problems
• Paediatric / Children - Skin & Hair Issues

Touch Online Doctor Care
Terms and Conditions for everyone’s convenience
  1. In order to ensure that no other patients with appointments are inconvenienced, we need to follow a strict scheduling policy.
  2. In case you are unable to make it on time for the appointment, you can inform the clinic up to 30 mins before the appointment time. The clinic will discuss with you and set an alternate time for your appointment as per your convenience.
  3. If for any reason the doctor is unable to attend the call at the scheduled time. The clinic will call you at least 30 mins before the appointment and offer the choice of a full refund or rescheduling the appointment.
  4. In case you are delayed or are not reachable at the appointed hour, the doctor shall wait for a maximum of ten minutes and also try reaching out to you on your phone a few times, before considering the appointment as cancelled.
  5. There are no limitations on the number of items that can be discussed. Each appointment is scheduled for a total of 15 minutes. In case the conversation cannot be completed, the doctor may accommodate further conversation or reach back to you at a later time to complete the same. This is to ensure that other patients are not inconvenienced.