Microneedling by Dermapen

Dermapen is a small electrically operated device which is used for a microneedling treatment.

The idea behind microneedling treatment is to create multiple minute holes of variable depths based on the exact need of the procedure.

The pen shaped device has a disposable head which has variable number of pins on them of various thickness.

The disposable head is activated by a small motor located in the body of the pen. The size and thickness of the needles is selected by the dermatologist based on the area being treated and desired result.

This controlled damage of the skin boosts collagen production and hence yields the desired result in the treated area

The Procedure:

The process starts with a thorough cleansing of the skin followed by application of a numbing cream which reduces any pain due to pricking in the process.

The dermatologist may mark the area to be treated and start needling the area with the pen creating hundreds of tiny holes.

Microneedling maybe used for:

1. Facial Skin Rejuvenation with the aid of growth serums.
2. Skin Resurfacing for scars and marks that may be left behind by chicken pox or acne.
3. Hair Rejuvenation Treatments

Results Expected:

Facial Skin Rejuvenation : For this purpose the microneedling procedure is accompanied by use of growth serums which aid the regeneration of skin.

Skin Resurfacing : Skin resurfacing uses only the microneedling treatment and depends on the collagen boosting that the procedure creates.

Hair Rejuvenation also involves the use of a growth serum.

On an immediate basis the area treated appears minorly bruised and develops scabs over a period of 2 to three days. Post this period the scabs slowly start dropping off and over a period of a week the treated area is completed recovered and now looks fresher and more supple.

For Hair Rejuvenation, The results start appearing in two to three weeks time as small follicles appear in the treated area.

Frequency of Treatment:

Typically the frequency of treatment is decided by the dermatologist on a cases to case basis. However one can expect the period to vary between 3 week to a month.

Multiple session of skin rejuvenation with a growth serum can lead to long lasting results and a substantial improvement in the texture and tone of the skin.

Also multiple session of scar treatment lead to much smoother, scar or blemish free skin.

Conditions Treated

  • Scars : From Acne, infections, accidents etc.
  • Stretch Marks : From pregnancy, weight-loss etc.
  • Hair Loss
  • Aged Skin : Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Dry & Lifeless Skin

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