Hollow Cheeks, Volume Loss, Sunken Look

Aging causes lot of changes in the mid face. Owing to atrophy of subcutaneous fat, there is loss of volume and decreased support for facial features, as well as a loss of skin elasticity.

These changes lead to a loss of prominence in the cheek area, accentuation of hollow cheek bones. In addition, the area below the cheek bone known as the buccal cheek area will often become more depressed creating a gaunt or aged look.

Ageing cheeks can even cause a hollowing effect around the eyes, accentuating hollow eye circles.

Volume loss is one of the most significant contributors to facial ageing.

Further extreme or rapid weight loss can also create sunken cheeks.


There is mainly a single line of treatment.

Injectable fillers are used to compensate for loss of volume in various parts of the face.

Aging causes lot of