Infectious Skin Conditions in Children

Fungal Infections:

Ring worms are very common in children. They are commonly seen on scalp, groin and body. It presents as itchy red scaly patches in the above areas.

Other fungal infections like pityriasis versicolor (white or brown patches on chest and back) are also common.


Treatment includes oral and topical antifungals.

Viral Infections:

These are very common in children. Low immunity in children makes them more vulnerable due to its contagious nature. Most common ones are as follows:

- Chicken Pox: It is seen as multiple itchy small blisters on face, chest, back etc.

- Warts: These are tiny growths seen on hands, feet and face.

- Molluscum Contagiosum: These are all white boils seen on face, hands and chest.

- Pityriasis Rosea: These are seen as itchy red rashes present on the back, chest and hands.

- Herpes Simplex: This presents as tiny painful grouped blisters commonly seen on lips.


- Treatment includes oral and topical antivirals.
- Certain lesions like molluscum and warts require a minor procedure called cauterization.

Bacterial infections

- Impetigo: It is seen as brownish, crusted painful lesions on the face, legs and hands.

- Boils: Seen as painful, red bumps which can occur on any part of the body.


- Treatment includes oral and topical antibiotics.
- Hot water fomentation to soften the pus.

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