Under Eye Dark Circles

The primary causes of under eye dark circles are genetic, constitutional, anaemia, allergies ( due to frequent rubbing or scratching of eyes), medications which dilate blood vessels etc.

The condition can be further aggravated by factors such as, decreased sleep, stress, sun exposure, fatigue, older age (due to loss of collagen), fluid retention etc.


  • Dark circles can be reduced but cannot be eradicated completely.

  • Topical creams are used for at least a period of six months.

  • Certain peels are also helpful on reduction.

  • Skin Toning Lasers help on reducing melanin thereby reducing dark circles.

  • In cases where dark circles are constitutional in nature, Fillers become the best line of treatment.

  • Controlling aggravating factors like sleep, stress, sun exposure also help substantially.

  • The primary causes of under eye dark