Age spots are also called as liver spots or solar lentigenes. These are usually caused by constant sun exposure over a period of time. UV rays increases melanin production thus causing these spots.

There are some topical medicated creams that work best for reduction of age spots. But with skin it is always to remember that prevention is better than cure and it is recommended that sun screen be used diligently if you have a propensity for age spots.

Also some treatments which can be qualified as anti ageing treatments like use of chemical peels, laser skin toning help substantially with age spots.

Although supplements for vitamins and minerals are now all the rage, I am more of the opinion that it is better to adjust your diet to get the necessary nutrients naturally. However in case your dermatologist finds that there is serious deficiency in a particular group of nutrient he or she will recommend the same. Also please always check with a doctor before starting any supplements.

Well anti ageing creams is a very loose definition of all the topical creams available in the market. Some of the topical creams can be and should be used from a very early age (its actually never too early) especially because they help keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay for a longer time by maintaining the overall health of the skin. I always recommend that someone should not use over the counter creams but actually speak to a dermatologist before starting such a routine. It is just more effective and will probably save you a whole lot of money.

No cream is an instant relief cream. Anti ageing creams are not miracles, they merely help re-establish the nourishment of your skin and can take anywhere between three to six months to start showing effect. But of course all anti ageing treatments need to be accompanied by the correct protection against the environment and sun exposure.

Well as I have mentioned in a question before it is never too early. But targeted anti ageing creams with more active ingredients are better decided on a case to case basis.

Also important to note is that there are dermatology procedures which are extremely safe when conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist like peels and lasers which can really help the situation.