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"Honest & Affordable Skin and Hair Care for All"

Built on more than a decade of experience Dr. Sejal Saheta, INURSKN is the honest and affordable, skin & hair care clinic.

Dr Sejal has an MD and DNB in dermatology and venereology and has worked with the most experienced doctors and hospitals through her career.

Our goal is to make each patient comfortable and happy with their appearance with the least amount of intervention.

What makes us different from hospitals and chain clinics is the fact that we assure personal attention from Dr. Sejal to each and every patient while ensuring the highest standard of safety with a world class setup.

Do engage with us to know what 'Honest' patient care feels like.

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May 19, 2022

Night Time Serum Selection

Effective Tips for Selecting a Night Time Skin Care Product One of the fundamental things to understand about the difference between morning and evening skincare routine is the fact that while your morning routine is largely about the protection of skin and prevention of any damage from sun exposure and environmental factors, your evening routine is about repair and restoration of the health of your skin. Like much of your body, your skin too naturally repairs itself in the night while you sleep. A good night time skin care routine goes a long way in helping the natural repair and […]
April 28, 2022

Eye Creams – Elixirs or Placebos?

Eye Creams – Elixirs or Placebos? The science and facts about eye creams. Why do you look so tired all the time? Your eyes make you look much older than you are. Have you been crying? These are some of the questions and statements that a lot of my patients come across on a daily level. And one of the primary reasons for these statements is the condition of the skin around their eyes. And obviously, with a problem so prolific, there are just a whole lot of over the counter solutions available that promise miracles. To truly understand if […]
March 29, 2022

All about Scars, Stretch Marks & Their Treatment

Don’t let scars become memories All about Scars, Stretch Marks & Their Treatment In popular culture, scars are often portrayed with a sense of romance, where the scars on your body are made out to be a reflection of the experiences you have had. This to me is at best an incomplete idea and at worst just plain silly. The reality is that scars more often than not, draw unnecessary negative attention to a person and most of my patients treat them as an unwanted feature. What exactly is a scar and how is it formed? When you injure your […]