November 22, 2021

Bridal Package

Getting hitched in a few months? Your skin needs the best possible care now more than ever. What with all the wedding anxiety, shopping, numerous functions and so many preparations to get done, it’s an exciting time but it can get stressful too. So the sooner you start your skincare regime in the run-up to the wedding day, the better. That’s why InUrSkn has created this special Skin Care package that should get started with 1 to 3 months in advance. So that you can achieve that natural, wedding glow in time for your big day.
October 12, 2021

15 Day Glow Package

Have an important event coming up where you need to look your best? We know how difficult it is to find time to care for your skin and hair while taking care of home and work. And salon beauty treatments never live up to expectations. That’s why we bring you a skincare package that will give you instant glowing results in just 15 days! That’s right, the InUrSkn special 15 Day Glow Package is here to restore the truly natural glow of your skin within 15 days flat!
October 12, 2021

30 Day Glam Package

  Want a glowing skin that matches your dazzling smile within 1 Month? Our 30-Day Glam Package is made just for you! It is a combination of 9 Sessions of 7 Skincare Procedures spread out over 30 days to give you the skin you desire within a month. Instead of trying yet another salon treatment that never works, go for something that delivers results. All our procedures are scientifically-proven, effective and supervised by Dr. Sejal and carried out by trained aestheticians.  
September 4, 2019

Permanent Laser Hair Reduction – Now at never before prices

Why choose Laser Hair Removal with InUrSkn? •  Unlike waxing, shaving or threading,it’s painless•  No post-procedure nicks, cuts,burns or boils•  The laser used is ice-cooled for maximum comfort•  Minimal contact process•  Instant, nearly permanent results Limited Period Offiers & Discounts Full Body laser Hair Removal Packages Area Size Session Price Full Body Limited 6 Sessions Package Rs. 4000 Full Body Complete 6 Sessions Pachage Rs. 45000 Full Body Complete 1 Year Hair Free Offer – 8 Sessions Rs. 55000 Packages to suit your Needs Area Size Session Price Example Areas Very Small Body Parts 6 Session Package Rs. 6000 (Forehead, […]