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January 2024
Make the most of your Online Doctor Visit
By - Dr. Sejal Saheta
Virtual Wellness: Maximizing Your Online Doctor Visit for Personalized Care and Convenience!

Here’s how you can help make your online doctor visit better

With the lockdown continuing and people adjusting with the new normal, online doctor consultations are starting to be more widely accepted. And after having consulted patients over the phone, WhatsApp and video calls for the past three months, I believe that there are some basic things that a patient can do to make the best of their online medical consultation.

Pick the time

Try choosing a convenient time for your consultation, so you can remain undisturbed throughout your appointment.

Where you sit, matters.

Choose a comfortable place for your consultation. The idea place must-

  • Have a table or a surface to keep your device as you may need to lean into the camera to show the affected area.
  • Give you privacy to discuss your concerns with the doctor.
  • Not have too much noise in the background.
  • Have adequate light for the doctor to see you properly
  • Have good reception of Wi-Fi or network to make sure you have good internet speed.

You can generally use either a computer or a phone to connect to the online software for your online appointment. In case you need some privacy, you may choose to use headphones.

Test it
Try connecting to the meeting link before the actual appointment. This gives you a chance to check that everything is working fine, and allows you to fix any issues that may arise, so that you can have a glitch-free appointment.

 Take notes
While you are meeting your doctor online, it’s important to take notes about what the doctor is saying (including advice and best practices) for your future reference.

Patience is Key

It can sometimes happen that connectivity issues can hamper the audio-video clarity. Here are some suggestions to help you make it work better:

  • Speak in short and clear sentences. It makes for easier communication.
  • Do not ask too many questions in one go. Ask all questions you may have, but just one at a time.
  • Wait for the doctor to respond before you move to the next question.
  • In case you cannot hear the doctor properly, ask your doctor to repeat their advice. There’s no harm in asking them to clarify your doubts.

I hope that this article helps you make the most out of your online consultations.

The Personal Touch

Our Online Doctorcare service, The Personal Touch, allows you to meet with Dr. Sejal for any of your skin and hair related problems, from the comfort of your home. It’s extremely easy, it’s totally safe, and it gives you the kind of personalised attention InUrSkn is known and loved for.

Whether it’s a detailed phone call supported with pictures or a video call, Dr. Sejal will bring her personal approach to each consultation, to ensure that your problem gets resolved in the best manner possible.

Get a skin or hair consult easily and according to your convenience, by clicking here or calling us on 9819286930 / 9326028277


Built on more than a decade of experience of Dr. Sejal Saheta, we are the honest and affordable skin and hair care clinic. Our goal is to make each patient comfortable and happy with their appearance with the least amount of intervention.

Here qualified and trained doctors, equipped with the latest technology, conduct and supervise all procedures in strict adherence to protocols developed by Dr. Saheta.

We are happy to be a part of your journey to reach your health goals. If you think we have been able to help you, please do review us:

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This article is one in a series of articles on skin conditions by Dr. Sejal Saheta – MD, DNB – Dermatology and Venereology. The objective of this series is to educate the reader and help them take precautions against various skin conditions they come across on an everyday basis. These articles are not meant to be used by patients for self-diagnosis or for avoiding proper medical treatment. The images used in the above blogs are just for the visual representation of the treatment results may vary from patient to patient

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