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January 5, 2022
January 11, 2022

Age: 24

Sex: F

Condition : Pigmentation 

Status Before Treatment :

Uneven skin tone, patchy skin, deep pigmentation around chin and lips

Advised Treatment :

Topical Medications for 2  months.

A customized skin rejuvenation package by Dr. Sejal which uses a variety of advanced techniques.

Procedures Completed:

3 sessions of Laser Skin Depigmentation and 2 sessions of  Medical Peels have been done for reduction of patchy skin and pigmentation.

1 session each of Skin polishing, Iontophoresis, and microneedling with PRP has been done to improve the skin texture

Current Status:

The deep pigmentation around the chin and lips is now resolved

The skin texture has shown a marked improvement

The skin is now evenly toned without any patchiness

Only a few spots are left behind

Further course of treatment:

Some advanced skin rejuvenation procedures will be taken up. The plan of action is to carry out

Pico Nd Yag Laser,

Carbon laser peel

& Yellow Chemical Peel