The Silent Killer Strikes the Skin too – Diabetes & Skin
August 31, 2019
Laser Skin Rejuvenation – Harness the power of light to get a glowing beautiful skin almost instantly.
September 11, 2019

Why choose Laser Hair Removal with InUrSkn?

•  Unlike waxing, shaving or threading,it’s painless•  No post-procedure nicks, cuts,burns or boils•  The laser used is ice-cooled for maximum comfort•  Minimal contact process•  Instant, nearly permanent results

Limited Period Offiers & Discounts
Full Body laser Hair Removal Packages



Area SizeSessionPrice
Full Body
6 Sessions
Rs. 40000
Full Body
6 Sessions
Rs. 45000
Full Body
1 Year Hair Free
Offer – 8 Sessions
Rs. 55000


Packages to suit your Needs



Area SizeSessionPriceExample Areas
Very Small Body Parts6 Session PackageRs. 6000(Forehead, Cheeks, Upper Lips, Side Locks, Ear Lobes, Navel)
Small Body Parts6 Session PackageRs. 12000(Face, Neck, Under Arms)
Medium Body Parts6 Session PackageRs. 14500(Face + Neck), Upper Arms, Foreamrs)
Large Body Parts6 Session PackageRs. 17000(Front Torso, Back, Upper Leg, Lower Leg)


Multi Package Discounts



Buy any 2 Package
1*2 Sessions
Add. 5% discount
Buy any 3 Packages
3*6 Session Complete
Add. 10% Discount



Get Comfortable with LHR Trial Session

Underarm LHR Trial Offer  Rs 99/-

*Terms & Conditions Apply * GST May be applicable separately