Acne Treatment

"What Is It?

Acne or Pimples or Zits are one of the most common skin conditions that almost anyone and everyone go through at some point in their life.

Acne treatment is typically split into two parts, one relates to the treatment of active acne (the lesions themselves) and the other relates to the treatment of the scars that are left behind by acne.

Acne treatment largely involves the use of oral and topical medications which target the bacterial growth and also some treatments that tend to balance hormones. In extreme scenarios even a chemical peel is suggested for active acne.

Acne scar treatment involves two phases:

1. The use of chemical peels and dermaroller (Micro-Needling) procedure to resurface the skin and promote fresh skin growth to help heal the scars.
2. Use of dermal fillers to take care of very deep scars."


Chemical Peels:
After a thorough analysis of the exact nature of scarring, the doctor decides on the type and intensity of peel required. The procedure involves application and rinsing of the peel from the affected area.

Dermaroller (Micro-Needling):
The procedure involves the usage of a device like dermaroller or dermapen to create multiple micro holes in the surface of the skin. This increase the blood flow to the affected area.

Dermal Fillers:
If the scar is too deep the doctor may prescribe the use of dermal fillers to fill up the dent / scar.

Expected Results

Chemical Peels:
Based on the peel and reaction of skin, there may or may not be actual physical peeling of the skin. But the skin is activated by the controlled exfoliation and returns to normal in the next week or so.

Like Peel, the skin becomes sore and heals over the next week or so.

Dermal Fillers:
There is no down time in this case and there is a near instant improvement in the scar.

Frequency of Treatment

For Chemical Peels and Dermaroller the frequency and number of sessions needed may vary but once concluded the results are permanent.

For Dermal Fillers, the effect lasts for six months to eight months, post which for maintenance the procedure may need to be repeated.

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Conditions Treated

  • Active Acne
  • Acne Scars


Acne is dominantly hormonal in nature and is caused by change in hormones which cause an increase in production of sebum (oil). This sebum along with dead skin cells blocks hair follicles. This environment is great for naturally occurring bacteria in skin to multiply, causing inflammation and acne.

Depending on the severity of acne, dermatologist will create a treatment plan which can include topical creams, medical peels, extraction and oral medications.

Yes and No. In reality there is no clear and simple cure for acne. Being hormonal, acne reduces with age and also can be managed by maintaining a routine which includes keeping the skin clean at all times. In addition certain medications and topical creams help control acne also. But it is not something that can be cured once and for all.

There is no definite age. Right from puberty to late thirties acne is common. Sometimes it is known to persist even into the forties.

Absolutely. As explained sweat and humidity block the pores of skin which leads to bacterial growth and hence acne.

A dermatologist is your best friend when it comes to acne. He or she can definitely guide you to create a routine and also provide solutions that will help you remedy some immediate concerns.

Acne or Pimples or Zits are one of