Dermal Fillers

Fillers have a lot of myths and hence a lot of concerns surrounding it. Qualified and trained doctors @ INURSKN pay attention to a patient’s concerns and work towards educating the patient. This ensures that the patient makes the correct choice of treatment.

Fillers consist of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is the most important substance in maintaining collagen and elasticity of skin and hydration.
With age HA start depleting leading to loss of volume, drooping / sagging skin and deepening of facial lines.

The Procedure:

After a thorough consultation, the qualified doctors @ INURSKN decide on the exact quantity and location where fillers are needed. Numbing cream is applied on the treatment area followed by the procedure of injecting the filler. The fillers themselves have an inbuilt anesthetic agent which further numbs the area.
The procedure is safe with no down-time. Sometimes localized pain or swelling or bruising may be associated with the injection. However all of these can be treated and disappear in few days’ time.

Expected Results

It is important to understand that this is a medical procedure and results will vary from individual to individual based on age, diet, lifestyle, individual’s constitution and the exact condition an individual is suffering from.
Once the filler is injected into the treatment area it fills up and hydrates the skin. Results are seen immediately and they improve over the next 3 weeks, as the filler mixes with water in the body and hydrates the skin further.

Frequency of Treatment

Depending on the type of filler used the result can last from 10 to 15 months. It is recommended that to maintain the results the procedure is repeated after the results wear off. It is also important to note that if the treatment is discontinued there is no deterioration in the conditions which were treated.

When it comes to dermal fillers and other anti-ageing treatments, INURSKN is a preferred destination in Powai, Mumbai

Conditions Treated

  • Laugh lines – these are vertical folds extending from nose to corner of the mouth.
  • Static lines
  • Deep Scars (Induced by Acne, Accident, Chicken Pox)
  • Under Eye hollowness
  • Sagging or Droopy Face
  • Reduced Cheek Volume
  • Thin Lips


Dermal Fillers are very safe when done by a qualified dermatologist who understands the process very well. There are obviously risks associated with every medical procedure and this is no different. The level of risk changes based on what part of the face is being treated. However it is important to point out that there have been millions of treatments done over the years with a extremely small percentage of failure.

Also please note that most failed procedures are possible to revers with injectable solvents and also they natural tendency of the fillers to dissolve with time.

Absolutely. The job of a dermal filler is to mimic the fat and muscle structure of the face that one loses as one ages. This when done right can make one look substantially younger, maybe ten or more years too.

Well this is an extremely subjective question. Some people show signs of ageing like loss of fat and muscle earlier than others and hence are candidates for this treatment at an earlier age. It is better to leave this judgement to a dermatologist after a proper examination.

No cream is an instant relief cream. Anti ageing creams are not miracles, they merely help re-establish the nourishment of your skin and can take anywhere between three to six months to start showing effect. But of course all anti ageing treatments need to be accompanied by the correct protection against the environment and sun exposure.

Absolutely, There is literally no down time after a filler treatment. You can go out the same night and wear your regular makeup.

Not at all. This is a common myth that once the effect of the filler wears off the face sags. In reality the face just goes back to its original state after about a year of the procedure. The fillers by themselves are extremely safe and do not cause any damage to your body.

Fillers are charged on a per syringe basis and also depends on what exact product and company is used. Based on my experience a filler treatment consisting of one syringe can cost anywhere between 20 thousand to 40 thousand rupees. We at INURSKN offer some of the most transparent prices and ensure that only the most reputed brand of product is used.

The results of dermal fillers last between 10 and 15 months.

To be honest that is the job of a dermatologist / cosmetologist. It is literally not possible for a patient to decide what is suitable for him / her. There are various products which are suitable for various parts of the face.

By use of dermal fillers we can affect the below conditions:

  • Laugh lines
  • Static lines
  • Deep Scars (Induced by Acne, Accident, Chicken Pox)
  • Under Eye hollowness
  • Sagging or Droopy Face
  • Reduced Cheek Volume
  • Thin Lips

Fillers have a lot of myths and hence