Ear and Nose Piercing

This procedure has been done ever since human beings started wearing jewellery. However from the point of view of safety against infections that such a procedure may give rise to; it is advisable to do this procedure in a controlled and sterile environment of a medical clinic.

@INURSKN we use the best ear and nose piercing system imported from united states. This system ensures hygiene, accuracy of the piercing and minimum trauma.

At the same time we do not compromise on the aesthetics of the process. A wide variety of safe ear studs are available to choose from ensuring aesthetics even post procedure. Also there are a wide variety of ear studs meant specifically for children. Which help put little ones at ease.

The Procedure:

The procedure involves first numbing out the area to be pierced or punctured with a numbing cream. Following this a trained doctor marks the exact point where the puncture of piercing is required. This is always confirmed with the patient or the guardian. Then using the latest piercing system @INURSKN the doctor punctures the intended area.

This may be followed my minor post procedure care instructions as prescribed by the doctor. INURSKN in Powai, Mumbai is a preferred destination for the purpose of piercing as we provide the sterile environment of a clinic while being far more affordable than nearby hospitals. Here are some dos and do nots for post procedure care:


- Do Not remove the studs for 8 weeks after procedure.

- For Children : Do Not wash hair for 2 days after procedure.

- Rotate the screw on the stud in clockwise direction and anti-clockwise direction (two or three turns only) so that it does not get jammed.


- Apply the prescribed cream twice a day for 5 days from procedure.

- Wear loose clothes so that it does not interfere with treated area.

- Make sure nothing gets stuck in the stud implanted. (Especially Hair, thread etc.)


This does not matter, it is more of a personal choice. Do consider if you have a propensity to sleep on one side, you may want to avoid that side.

Although there are a few types of p=nose piercings which are possible. The most common one remains nostril piercing and septum piercing. Of these I recommend only nostril piercing. While there are a few more types for the more adventurous people like bridge piercing, high nostril piercing etc.

This is more of an individual choice and I would refrain from getting into a person's sense of fashion and sense of self.

Ear love piercing is the most common type followed by maybe a helical piercing. However people do not shy away from piercing the front and the inner parts of their ear. To me there needs to be a consideration towards hygiene and maintenance before requesting a piercing at an odd location.

This procedure has been done ever since