Iontophoresis Therapy

The procedure involves delivery of medication, serum or peel into the deeper layers of skin by means of stimulating the skin during the application of the same. This stimulation and hence effect is achieved by means of using a special purpose device for inducing a low intensity galvanic (ionic) current into the skin at the time of treatment.

Because of this stimulation the medication is delivered much deeper into the skin than a normal application. The result is an instant lasting glow.

The Procedure:

After an analysis the doctor recommends the medication or serum to be applied. The same is applied after due cleaning of the skin. This is followed by a stimulation of the skin with an iontophoresis machine. The procedure is absolutely safe and has no down time.

Expected Results:

Although variable in nature, one can expect a near instant glow which is sustained for short periods of time. For the best results, based on recommendation of the doctor the treatment maybe changed to include other skin rejuvenation techniques.

Frequency of Treatment:

The iontophoresis treatment can be carried out every two weeks. The medication and serum combination proposed by the doctor can keep changing based on the results at hand and desired results.

The procedure involves delivery of medication