Medical Clean-Up

Medical Cleanup is the procedure of cleaning up of face from white heads, black heads, comedones etc. Black heads, white heads while reducing the aesthetic appearance of an individual can also develop into painful acne, if left untreated. Hence their removal is very important. It is generally a combination procedure which uses application of a cleaning the skin, moisturizing the skin, chemical peeling and extraction processes.

The Procedure:

The treatment area is cleaned thoroughly and moisturized first. Following this a medicated peel is applied. This is followed by an extraction process. Post procedure topical antibiotics and sunscreens are recommended.

Results Expected:

A smoother, softer, healthier - blemish free skin can be expected.

Frequency of Treatment:

Based on recurrence and results achieved, the procedure can be repeated after 3 weeks to get optimum results and maintain the same.

Conditions Treated

  • Black heads
  • White Heads
  • Comedones

Medical Cleanup is the procedure of cleaning