Oxygen Facial

An oxygen facial works by increasing the oxygen levels in the skin such that it leads to an increased skin cell metabolism and hence also increased collagen levels.

The Procedure:

The procedure works in Four Steps and take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

1. Exfoliation: The first step of this rejuvenation technique exfoliates the skin, clearing out the dead skin cells and getting rid of any surface imperfections / deposited impurities. This gets the skin ready for the second step.

2. Infusion of Serum: The second step involves application of a serum with the help of RF probe, which helps generation of carbon dioxide on the upper layers of the skin.

3. Oxygenation of Deeper Layers: The above effect of increasing co2 in upper layers of skin helps in oxygenating the deeper layers of the skin by a phenomenon called Bohr’s effect which helps in increasing the cell metabolism.

4. Application of brightening serum: The last step is application of a brightening medicated mask which works on the melanin of the skin, leaving behind a glowing skin.

Expected Results:

- Refreshed & Rejuvenated Skin

- Increased firmness and elasticity

- Reduction in Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Pores

Post Procedure Care

Avoid direct sun exposure. Use a sunscreen.

Avoid any cream applications for next 3 days

Side effects: mild to none

Mild redness which subsides in few hours

No downtime. Can go back to work immediately

Frequency of Treatment:

TLike most skin rejuvenation procedures, this too is an additive procedure. In which case the results of multiple sessions spread over a period of time are much greater than a single session done sporadically. We advise that this procedure be repeated 3 weeks apart for 4 sessions to get optimum results.

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