Skin Resurfacing

The process by which the texture and elasticity of the skin is improved is called skin resurfacing. Typically skin resurfacing is achieved by activating the collagen formation in the skin. This is done by carrying out controlled damaged of the superficial layers of the skin. The most common method used for achieving the same is microneedling.

The Procedure:

Microneelding is mainly carried out by two methods, namely :

  • Micorneedling by Dermaroller
  • Microneedling by Dermapen
Each of these techniques has its use and application. The demratologist selects the correct method for treatment and also determines the appropriate thickness of the needles to be used.
The procedure starts with thoroughly cleaning the area to be treated and then numbing the area to be treated with topical application creams. The doctor then carries out the microneedling process with the aid of a dermaroller or dermpen. You can read more about these procedures here:

  • Dermaroller Microneedling
  • Dermapen Microneedling

Results Expected:

On an immediate basis the area treated appears minorly bruised and develops scabs over a period of 2 to three days. Post this period the scabs slowly start dropping off and over a period of a week the treated area is completed recovered and now looks fresher and more supple.

Frequency of Treatment:

Typically the frequency of treatment is decided by the dermatologist on a cases to case basis. However one can expect the period to vary between 1 to 2 months.

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