Microdermabrasion or MDA, is the process in which the skin is exfoliated (removal of dead skin cells) by means of two possible mechanisms.

The Procedure:

The first procedure is where using a diamond tipped probe gentle exfoliation of the skin is done. At the same time the probe sucks away the dead cells using vacuum.
The second process uses crystals which are emitted by the probe to rub away the outer layer of the skin. Even in this case the crystals are immediately vacuumed off by the probe.
The skin after treatment turns red on a temporary basis and typically returns to normal within 24 hours.

Results Expected:

There is a reduction in the above marked conditions, However for best efficacy the procedure will be clubbed along with other procedures by the dermatologist.

Frequency of Treatment:

The frequency of treatment varies between 2 weeks and 1 month and is advised by the doctor based on the condition of the skin and the result that can be expected.

This process is also called skin resurfacing or skin polishing. Skin resurfacing or skin polishing is also achieved by other procedures such as use of Lasers. Please feel free to contact us for more details of these procedures or visit our fully equipped clinic located at Powai, Mumbai.


The idea behind skin resurfacing is to create a controlled damage of the skin in the affected area. This selective controlled damaged area when it heals, leads to smoother softer skin as a part of the body's natural healing process. Hence skin resurfacing can be achieved with various method like, microneedling through dermaroller, microneedling by dermapen or by use of lasers.

The cost of skin resurfacing varies based on the technique used and also based on the area being treated. Also one must consider that multiple sessions may be needed to see the desired effect

Yes, it is, but ageing can always affect the treated skin as can accidents and environment.

Typically we advise that harsh environment be avoided for three days this includes exposure to pollution and sun. Post three days the person would be free to go about with their routine without any hindrance.

Skin resurfacing is performed for a variety of reasons from fine lines, wrinkles to scars and stretch marks. Hence there is no particular age at which this treatment is done.

Yes absolutely. As mentioned above, acne scars can be seriously helped by means of a resurfacing process..

Microdermabrasion or MDA, is the process