Tattoo Removal

Laser is high intensity light of a particular wavelength in the infrared spectrum (invisible light).

Tattoo removal is done with help of a specific laser which emits two wavelengths which can selectively target tattoo ink particles while leaving surrounding skin unharmed.

Tattoo ink particles absorb laser energy, heat up and get shattered into smaller ink particles. The Ink particles are flushed away by the body thereby fading away after multiple sessions.

@InUrSkn we use Pico ND Yag Lasers. These lasers are the best lasers in the world for removal of tattoos. The specialty of the laser is the ability to deliver high levels of targeted energy in a very short period of time. The pulses of laser last for less than a billionth of a second. This ensures that the tattoo pigment absorbs all the energy without affecting the surrounding skin what so ever.

The Lasers used @INURSKN are the best in their league, FDA approved and absolutely safe.

The Procedure:

A numbing cream is applied to the treatment area followed by a treatment with laser. The intensity and speed of treatment is adjusted based on the results and comfort of the patient. During the procedure one feels a pricking sensation. Post procedure redness and swelling may appear which settles down in a few days time. Topical and oral antibiotics may be prescribed to ensure no infection occurs.

Results Expected:

The results of treatment vary based on the depth of the ink, the intensity of ink and colour of the ink. However as multiple sessions are done a general lightening of the tattoo keeps occurring.

Why InUrSkn for tattoo removal treatment in Mumbai?

InUrSKn is the largest skin and hair clinic in Powai led by Dr. Sejal Saheta, a dermatologist with dual degrees and more than 15 years of experience in dermatology, cosmetology and trichology. At InUrSkn your safety is our prime concern. Hence every procedure is personally supervised by Dr. Sejal and carried out by aestheticians who are CIDESCO certified and who have a minimum of 3 years of experience. All such aspects make InUrSkn the choice clinic for treatments such as Laser Tattoo Removal in Powai, Mumbai.

Frequency of Treatment:

The doctor based on condition of the skin may recommend repeat treatments in a period to 2 to 3 weeks.


Yes. But is a long drawn process. Laser tattoo removal is the only way to truly eliminate tattoos, but it can be anywhere between 8 to 12 sessions to remove a tattoo spread over maybe a year.

"The laser used for tattoo removal selectively targets the pigment of tattoo ink, thereby destroying / decimating the ink into micro particles which are later on absorbed by the body and discharged through the lymphatic system of the body.

Sometime multiple lasers are used so as to have multiple wavelengths each affecting a set of colours in the tattoo."

Without Doubt. Lasers are the safest method for tattoo removal as the ink pigment is selectively affected without scarring or damaging the skin in any manner.

No it does not. As mentioned scaring can happen with a generic treatment like trying to bleach the skin or using any acidic solution for the same. Lasers are selective and do not affect the rest of the skin.

As a matter of fact only a dermatologist with the correct laser machine can remove tattoos. There are no other known mechanisms to successfully remove tattoos.

Yes, only safe and effective way.

Laser is high intensity light of a particular