Hair Fall – Thinning, Loss

Up to 80 to 100 hair fall occurs naturally every day. Intervention is required when the rate exceeds beyond this.

This is a reversible type of hair loss where there is excessive hair loss over a short period of time. We @ INURSKN specialize in treatment of hair fall and hair loss in Powai, Mumbai.

Causes for the same can include:
- Poor Diet
- Stress
- Crash Dieting
- Post Child Birth
- Menopause
- Thyroid Imbalance
- Post Surgery
- Post Illnesses like malaria, dengue
- Hair treatments like straightening
- Low levels of iron, d3 and b12
- Smoking


It is extremely important to identify and treat the under lying cause.

Oral Medication and Topical Solutions are used to control the same.

Also lifestyle changes may be recommended including improvement in diet.

A dermatologist will also help you establish a good hair care routine.

- Meso Therapy
- Injectable Hair Treatment

Up to 80 to 100 hair fall occurs naturally…