Dandruff & Flakes

Dandruff is seen as small to large white flakes accompanied by itching. These can even be sticky flakes, which may cause the skin to bleed upon removal of flakes.

It is mainly seen on scalp, sometimes seen on eyelashes, eyebrows and side of nose.

Severe form of dandruff is also called seborrheic dermatitis.

The basic cause for the same is that there is a overgrowth of skin cells leading to flakes.

Aggravating factors include:
Winter (cold dry weather)
Infrequently cleaning of scalp (shampooing)
Associated fungal or bacterial growth


Treatment includes topical lotions which take care of the flakes.

It is accompanied by anti fungal shampoos or oral anti fungals.

A dermatologist will help you establish a good hair care routine that works for your hair.

Dadruff is white skin flakes in the hair..