Patterned Baldness – Male & Female

This condition is also called androgenic alopecia. In this there is a loss of hair seen with increase in age which affects only individuals who are genetically predisposed.

Male Patterned Baldness : It usually starts around 25 years of age. Initially thickness of the hair shaft decreases followed by a decrease in density of hair. It typically starts by first affecting the hairline and then proceeding towards the back of the scalp.

Female Patterned baldness : Typical age of onset is seen at about 30 years. Early signs include widening of hair partition and thinning of pony tail. It is often associated with PCOS.

This condition is genetic (self) and/ or familial (family history) in nature.

In all of these conditions early intervention can help sustain hair growth and often also stimulate hair regrowth.

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Treatments are offered by dermatologists which help:
- Slow the hair loss process &
- Stimulate hair growth.

These treatments typically include topical and oral medications.

Some of the more recently developed treatments include:
- Meso therapy
- Injectable Hair Treatment

Also called androgenic alopecia…