Infectious Nail Conditions

Fungal Infection: It is the most common condition. Its is known as onychomycosis. It presents as whitish or yellowish discolouration of the nail.

Few or many of finger or toe nails may be affected. It may be accompanied by a fungal infection on other parts of the body.

One of the major causes is sweating and prolonged contact with water.

Bacterial Infection:
It presents as greenish discolouration of the nail accompanied by pain and swelling of the nail folds. Some major causes are nail biting , prolonged contact with water, trauma etc.

Ingrown Toe Nail :
In this case the nail tends to grown into the nail bed. It is a painful occurrence which occurs because of bacterial infection following trauma to the nail.


Oral and Topical medications are prescribed by trained dermatologists.

In cases where there is no correction possible, nail removal may be recommended.

Fungal Infection: It is the most common