Non Infectious Nail Conditions

These conditions present in various forms but are non infectious in nature. Some of these presentations are as below:

Pitting of Nails: It is seen a multiple small pits in few or many nails. It is caused by conditions like psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, alopecia areata etc.

White Spots or Lines: Also known as leukonychia. It is caused primarily by trauma, infections, certain medications, psoriasis etc.

Nail Shedding: The nails tend to separate from the nail bed and they fall off. Main causes are post viral infections, thyroid imbalance, psoriasis, leprosy etc.

Pigmented Lines: It is seen as linear streaks of pigmentation on nails. It is caused by trauma, pregnancy, fungal infections, psoriasis, certain drugs, melanoma etc.

Jogger's Nail: In this there is typically bleeding under the nail and there is a thick skin formed under the nail. It is often accompanied by fungal infection. It is caused by repeated friction between the shoe and toe nail due to running.

Clubbing of Nail: In this case the nail tends to bulge and becomes more curved than normal. It is mainly a indication of systemic disorder involving heart, lungs etc.


Treatments are mainly catered towards treating the underlying causes. Some of these conditions are persistent in nature and never change.

These conditions present in various