White Spots & Patches

Untrue to popular belief, not every white patch is a point of concern Common types of white patches / spots are as below:

P alba - seen commonly in children as small white spots on face as a manifestation of atopic eczema.

P versicolor - is common fungal infection seen as multiple whitish patches and spots. It is commonly seen on chest, back, face etc.

Vitiligo - seen as well defined white patches can occur on any part of the body. In this case melanin producing cells are absent. leading causes associated with it include stress, heredity, autoimmune diseases like thyroiditis, diabetes etc.

IGH - These are small white spots which present on legs. This condition is common in middle aged people. However the cause for this is unknown.


  • P alba is treated with topical creams.
  • P versicolor is treated with oral and topical antifungals.
  • Vitiligo is treated with oral medications and creams.
  • IGH is treated with topical creams.

  • Untrue to popular belief, not every white