Neonatal - New Born Conditions

Neonatal (New Born) - Temporary Conditions

Neonatal (new born baby) skin is similar to adult skin structurally but less functional.

There are certain conditions that occur in neonates but persist for a very short period. Some of the common ones are:

Milia: These are small pin point whitish boils.
Acne: Pimples which appear due to circulating maternal hormones.
Mongolian Spots: These are greenish patch on the lower back, buttocks or shoulders.
Flat Haemangioma: these are Pinkish / Reddish patches on forehead or back of the neck.
Peeling of Skin: It is commonly seen on palms and soles.
Suction Blister: It is blisters on fingers, due to sucking action in the uterus.
Cradle Cap: It is a thick scaly greasy patches on the scalp.


Most of these conditions disappear within first few days or weeks of life.

Sometimes topical creams may be prescribed for some of the symptoms.

Neonatal (New Born) - Rashes, Lesions & Infections

Some of the common persistent conditions that occur in new born babies are:

Diaper Rash : These are seen as itchy red rashes in the groin, buttocks or pubic area. It is mainly caused because of friction or prolonged contact with urine or faeces.

Bacterial Infection : This is seen as pus filled boils, on face, neck or abdomen and are contagious in nature.

Fungal Infection : It presents as white creamy patches in the mouth.

Atopic Dermatitis : This condition presents as Itchy red rashes on the face, neck, folds of the body.


Topical Medications as suggested by the dermatologist and symptomatic creams and moisturizers are suggested.

Neonatal (new born baby) skin