Pregnancy Related Conditions

Gestation Aggravated Conditions

These are conditions which are aggravated by gestation. Some of these are listed below:

Existing pigmented areas become more pronounced.

Melasma is often seen. It is called the mask of gestation.

The increase in hormones leads to more acne.

Varicose Veins or Spider Veins are seen due to increased blood circulation.

Stretch Marks are seen in the abdomen/stomach due to stretching of the skin.

A generalized dryness of the skin occurs due to hormonal changes.

Existing skin conditions like eczema tend to flare up.

There is an increased hair growth because of change in hormones.


Most of these conditions are transitional conditions and are treated with a minimum amount of intervention by a trained dermatologist.

Gestation Related Skin Conditions

During gestation, various conditions may present on the skin as mentioned below:

- Itchy red rashes on abdomen and extremities in second trimester.

- Blisters are seen on abdomen and extremities in the second half of gestation.

- Itchy dry patches on any part of the body.

- Generalized itching in second half of gestation due to jaundice.magna.


Oral and Topical medications are prescribed by trained dermatologists catered to treat the symptoms.

These are conditions during pregnancy,