Lichen Planus

It is a chronic condition of the skin, mucosa, hair follicles and nails. It can occur in any age group but is more commonly seen in middle aged adults.

It presents as small, flat topped, purplish lesions present on wrists, legs, back, back of hands and sometimes genitals. Inside the mouth they are seen as whitish lesions and ulcers. There are thicker lesions on palm and soles.

Nails are also affected in the form of thick ridges and destruction of nails.
Hair loss can occur which can be scarring or non-scarring in presentation.

Due to attack of immune system on skin tissue or mucosa.

Can be triggered by:
- Stress
- Hepatitis C Infection
- Certain medications like pain killers, arthritis medications etc.
- Dental treatments involving mercury
- Sunlight Exposure

- Skin lesions heal and leave behind long lasting marks
- Ulcers in the mouth are painful and difficult to eat.
- Rarely oral lesions when left untreated can lead to cancer.


- For mild cases: oral anti-histaminics and topical creams
- For moderate to severe cases: oral medications in the form of steroids, immune modulators, and retinoids.
- When caused by certain medicines, discontinuation of those drugs helps.
- Hair loss can be treated with oral medication and topical solutions
- For marks and scars along with topical creams, pigmentation treatment in the form of lasers or peel also help.

During this condition