Psoriasis is chronic (long lasting) condition which can be controlled but not cured.

It presents as multiple itchy red lesions with silvery white flakes. This formation of skin flakes is because of a rapid growth of skin cells. Often nails are also found to be affected.

Psoriasis is commonly seen on lower back, elbow, knees, palms, soles, scalp etc. It can be localised or generalised.

In about 25% of the cases it is accompanied by psoriatic arthritis.

Aggravating factors include:
Dry weather
Sudden weather changes
Sore throat
Certain Medications
Mild trauma or injury can trigger new patches


Oral and Topical Medications are used to keep the condition in check.

Specific shampoos and moisturizers do help in controlling the condition also.

Psoriasis is chronic (long lasting) condition