It is an autoimmune condition where body's immune system attacks the skin cells. It is not contagious. Melanocytes, which produce melanin are destroyed. Thus leading to white patches due to lack of melanin. It can occur at any age, commonly seen between 30- 50 years of age. It presents as well defined white or discoloured patches on any part of the body commonly seen on hands, legs and face.

It can be localized (restricted to few areas of the body)
Generalised( most of the areas are involved)
Universal(entire body is involved)
Hair can also get affected and become white.
Course of this condition is unpredictable

- Autoimmune condition
- Hereditary

Can be triggered by:
- Stress
- Trauma to skin, or surgeries
- Can be seen in association with thyroid disorders, diabetes, other autoimmune conditions


- Oral medications and topical creams
- Light therapies and lasers
- Life style modifications and exercise for distressing

During this condition