Excess Sweating

Excess sweating is also known as hyperhydrosis. Sweating is a normal reaction of the body to temperature changes (after exercise, humid weather, post fever etc.) However when one sweats profusely in cool weather or without any obvious reason, it is indicative of hyperhydrosis.

This condition can be localised or generalised.

In localised type sweating can occur on specific body parts like hands, feet, under arms, groins, scalp etc. Localised type is genetically predetermined. It is not associated with any medical conditions but it interferes with quality of life.

In generalized type sweating occurs all over. It is caused by Thyroid Imbalance, diabetes, menopause, pregnancy, anxiety, low blood pressure, certain cancers, certain drugs like antipsychotics etc.


  • Treatment is normally done only for localised sweating. These include:
  • Topical lotions
  • Injectable Treatments for under arms, palms and soles.

  • Excess sweating is also known as