Fungal Infections

Ring worm is the most common fungal infection. It presents as itchy red ring shaped lesions on groin, under arms and other folds. It can also occur on hands, feet, nails and scalp. It is contagious.

Other fungal infections include :

Pityriasis Versicolor : It is seen as multiple white spots or patches on face, upper chest, back and arms. Causes for the same include, hot humid conditions and sweating.

Candidiasis : It presents as red itchy rashes on the groin, under arms, genital areas. It is associated with diabetes.


"Usage of over the counter creams only worsens the condition

Treatments given by dermatologists include:
Oral and Topical Anti-fungals
Medications to control itching

For prevention it is recommended to maintain good hygiene. Pat dry the skin completely after shower.

Ring worm is the most common fungal