Venereal Diseases

These have existed since ancient times. The word venereal is derived from Venus the roman goddess of love.

It is the most common viral venereal diseases. It presents as painful blisters on the sensitive areas accompanied by fever and burning sensation on affected areas.

It presents as small to large skin or flesh coloured growth present on sensitive areas. It is caused by HPV virus. Certain sero-types of the HPV virus are linked with cancer of the cervix and glans-penis.

It is caused by a parasite. It presents as small red erosion oozing liquid on sensitive areas. It can be accompanied by systemic involvement.

It is caused by small parasites (pubic lice) stuck on the hair on sensitive areas, causing intense itching.


Avoiding contact is extremely important and treatment of partner is just as important as treating the patient.

Treatments include : Oral and Topical Medications catered to handling the core reason as well as to handle the symptoms.

Vaccines are available for HPV.

Warts are removed by cauterization.

Ring worm is the most common fungal