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InUrSkn is more than just a skin a hair and body clinic. It is Dr. Sejal's promise of providing minimal intervention patient care which is holistic, personalized and humane.

Procedures RF Skin Therapy
Procedures IV Drip Therapy
Procedures Acne Treatments
Procedures Laser Hair Removal
Procedures Cryo Fat Reduction
Procedures FUE Hair Transplant
Procedures For Ageing Concerns
Procedures Medical Threads
Procedures Dermal Fillers
Procedures Plasma Fibroblast
Procedures Medical Facials
Procedures Meso Skin Therapy
Procedures Carbon Laser Peel
Procedures Hydrafacial
Procedures Oxygen Facial
Procedures Vampire Facial
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Dr. Sejal Speaks How to Tackle Teenage Acne
Dr. Sejal Speaks How to Tackle Teenage Acne
Dr. Sejal Speaks What is Ageing?
Dr. Sejal Speaks Acne : The bane of youth
Dr. Sejal Speaks Sun- The big bad monster
Dr. Sejal Speaks Scabies : Symptoms & Risks
Dr. Sejal Speaks Risk Factors of Skin Cancer
Dr. Sejal Speaks Goodbye dehydrated skin
Dr. Sejal Speaks The rain-care diaries
Dr. Sejal Speaks IUS Blog Skincare in 40s
Dr. Sejal Speaks Mind your Skin and Hair
Dr. Sejal Speaks Fair and Silly
Dr. Sejal Speaks Regain you Mane Naturally
Dr. Sejal Speaks Covid-19 and Hair Loss
Dr. Sejal Speaks Stress and Skin
Dr. Sejal Speaks Caring for a New-borns Skin
Dr. Sejal Speaks Toners, an elixir or hogwash
Dr. Sejal Speaks Night Time Serum Selection
Dr. Sejal Speaks Skincare in 30s
Dr. Sejal Speaks The TRUTH about SERUMS
Dr. Sejal Speaks Understanding Allergies
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Case Study Injectable Fillers
Case Study Dermal Fillers
Case Study Psoriasis Treatment
Case Study Acne Treatment
Case Study Tattoo Removal
Case Study Acne Grade 2
Case Study Lip Filler
Case Study Acne Grade 2
Case Study Melasma
Case Study Deep Scars
Case Study Pigmentation
Case Study Hirsuitism
Case Study Deep Acne Scars
Case Study Dermal Fillers
General Updates Happy Gudi Padwa
General Updates Happy Mothers Day
General Updates Happy Holi
Patients Speak Seerat Soni
Patients Speak Priyanka
Patients Speak Krupa Raval
Patients Speak Shaikh Sohel
Patients Speak Sachin Jadhav
Patients Speak Ankita Gaur
Patients Speak Tushar Garje
Patients Speak Bhakti Gada
Patients Speak Payal Sanghani
Patients Speak Priyanka Pande
Patients Speak Krisanne Pereira
Patients Speak Richa Asim
Patients Speak Kshitija Jagtap
Patients Speak Arhaan Sufiyan Shah
Patients Speak Shradha
Patients Speak Aryan Mishra
Patients Speak Ritesh Popat
Patients Speak Swati Sonawane
Patients Speak Nilam Khatal
Patients Speak Satinderpal Ahlulwalia
Patients Speak Sahar Nasser
Patients Speak Venkatesh Sairam
Patients Speak Mohit Mody
Patients Speak Amreen & Zainab
Patients Speak Pallavi Aggarwal
Patients Speak Mehak Meer
Patients Speak Maryam Farat
Patients Speak Kegen Rodrigues